About me

An highly experienced creative and thinker, a perfectionist problem-solver, a fanatic for simple and beautiful functionality.

My name is Alessandra Beluffi and I am a creative designer, based in London, with 20+ years professional experience as a Graphic Designer, Creative Artworker and Managing Art Director. Building effective relationships between the design teams I have had the honor of working with (collaborations where knowledge, strategies, and innovations are shared) shaped the early years of my post-Bachelor of Arts career. As time went on and I matured, I had the opportunity to work alone, as part of a team, or as the leader of a team, managing the entire project from conception to print, especially appreciating the contribution of all my colleagues, no matter what their role.

Producing captivating book series and magazines is representative of my creative eye for layout, composition and typography and my technical skills in creating artwork, my thorough knowledge of pre-press processes, print production, typesetting and graphic processes. Tight deadlines and the need to be resourceful from project to project have made me the graphic designer I am today: a highly skilled creative and thinker, a fanatic for simple and beautiful functionality. I am persistent and determined, despite my calm, laid-back attitude.

But more and more, every day I work with type design: my brain never stops, everyday I learn new things and new skills. The main skill I bring to the table is the ability to listen to client’s needs, be creative and act rationally to achieve the best results.

This can be possible only having in mind the technical possibilities of software, materials and print what it takes to complete a job and its costs. I’m strongly prepared to criticism and I want to grow everyday.